Northern Drive to St Lucy

Northern Drive to St Lucy
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Comments on Day Dreams

This poem “Day Dreams” is written in free verse. Free verse is unstructured poetry characterized by its non-conformity to established patterns of meter, rhyme and stanza. As the saying goes “anything goes in Free Verse”.  In Free Verse the writers do they own thing. It is more liberal than America when you think about it.

Reading this poem brings to mind such questions as; what are dreams, what are day dreams and are day dreams suppose to be a way of solving problems? Most folks supposedly would proffer that day dreams are task detractors and not an essential quality in solving problems in the real world. Yet some would say that day dreams are nothing more than the mind seeking cover from reality and that prolong day dreaming is counter-productive. It provides a detached existence.

How can we make the compound word “day-dreams” a more mind friendly word? Just take day from it and you are left with “dreams”. The question now is this; Is to have a dream a bad thing? To have a dream is to set a goal in the mind, something to aim for or at. This activity pushes day dreaming on the back burner because an action plan is initiated on what must be done to turn the “dream” into reality. This turning of the dream becomes the “seed”, the seed is planted by way of goals to be achieved, then the seed is given all the necessary nutrients for it to grow and develop into its true potential and like the seed, the brain must be given the correct nourishment that come from the learning process.  This learning process gives folks the ability to comprehend, analyze and synthesize in positive ways desirable for goals’ achievement in the final outcome. This feeling good attitude coupled with monetary payoffs benefits not only the primary recipient by society as a whole.

So yes, to have a dream is essential for it inspires, and it propels one to move into action and not to vegetate.

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Haiti Under Rubble from 7.0 Earthquake

Natural disasters whenever and wherever they occur impact on all of our lives. The Good Book says we are our brothers and sisters keepers lead by the Holy Spirit. Hence, we must do our part when disaster shows its ugly face. Any assistance, great or small, given from generous and loving hearts has equal weight. I'm passing on this information I received that Barbadians can go to First Caribbean Bank to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund for Haiti. The banking information is shown below:

First Caribbean Bank Account--2645374-- Cheques can be written to: HELP #2645374

For more information click on this link

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti.

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