Northern Drive to St Lucy

Northern Drive to St Lucy
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Comments on Third Person Persona Limited Omniscient

The third box on this flowchart shows third person pronouns which poets evoke when writing poems in third person persona.  The poem "Irritation in Hendecasyllable" shown below this chart is a Third Person Persona Limited Omniscient poem.

Irritation in Hendecasyllable

Oh my, this day for her started so very mean;
She began work day with friendly smiles and keen;
Low and behold, some fiend stuck her with a pin;
Such brutal assault can only be a sin.
Battered so unjustly in cyber-valley,
From space claws, and left half-dead, the finale;
To my mind this smells like some conspiracy;
Ponder now over such blatant lunacy.
She should never think to battle a bobcat;
Or any alley cat that likes a fur mat;
So on her head it keeps raining cats and dogs ;
Night is here and so too are her whistling frogs.
Those voodoo gods she should on them cast her spell;
For such pain on her around the water well.

In a Third Person Persona Limited Omniscient poem, the poet writes the story from the viewpoint of one character in the story and lets the reader know what one character thinks, sees, knows, hears and feels. Note carefully the type of third person pronouns are use in the poem, and feelings injected in the poem toward the character;  for they give clues as to whether the poem is really in the realm of a "Third Person Persona Limited Omniscient" poem.

Is Barbados the Hurricane's sweetheart?

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Haiti Under Rubble from 7.0 Earthquake

Natural disasters whenever and wherever they occur impact on all of our lives. The Good Book says we are our brothers and sisters keepers lead by the Holy Spirit. Hence, we must do our part when disaster shows its ugly face. Any assistance, great or small, given from generous and loving hearts has equal weight. I'm passing on this information I received that Barbadians can go to First Caribbean Bank to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund for Haiti. The banking information is shown below:

First Caribbean Bank Account--2645374-- Cheques can be written to: HELP #2645374

For more information click on this link

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti.

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